Device Integration Project
**Please excuse the quality of the video demonstrations. They were recorded in the "heat of the moment" 5 years ago, and are the only footage I have available at the moment.**


The resulting system was massively ahead of its time (circa 2010). The iPhone has only been introduced 2 years earlier, and touchscreens were a massive craze. Tethering was not within the public eye at the time, so an internet connection in the car was unheard of, let alone in-dash streaming of music.

This project won first place at both the regional and state technology fair (GaETF) for both 2010 and 2011 (ongoing improvements).

This project is currently not in commission as I will be buying a new automobile in the near future, and the cost/effort required to fix it will be overcome when I transfer the new and improved version 2.0 of the project to the new automobile. The new system is likely to run on the Android operating system, will include a capacitive touch screen, and will include relay control of vehicle specific hardware. The hard drive has been upgraded to a 64GB SSD, and will make heavy use of cloud/internet based media rather than locally stored music/videos.

The original project cost me around $1200 including the stereo system. The stereo system makes up the majority of that budget, costing around $650. With the knowledge learned, the computer system could be replicated without mistakes for around $400. This cost is still significantly less than the $2500+ cost of a premium OEM navigation unit, or a (massively feature-void in comparison) aftermarket unit starting at around $1000 without the high powered stereo system.