Engines Final Report

Technical Writing Sample
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This final project was completed for my technical elective MECH5830 - Engines. This class was a comprehensive look at the internal workings and current mathematical models describing fluid flow, chemical reactions, heat transfer, and power generation of internal combustion engines (SI and CI). The class discussed all important research topics such as specific as fuel spray angle and atomization, and in-cylinder air flow, all the way up until each topic's respective current research status.

In addition to the class lectures, numerous homework assignments involving MATLAB engine simulations on a Yamaha R6 engine were completed. The final project required us to fully disassemble and rebuild an internal combustion engine of our choosing. 50% of the project grade required the engine to operate without assistance after the completion. The process was to be documented, and a full analysis on parts and features was to be included in the report. Finally, a simulation provided by the professor was to be used along with various MATLAB functions we had developed through the semester was used to calculate non-published performance characteristics of our engine. This was a solo project. My report is available in the link above, and represents my most recent technical writing sample.