Baja SAE Utility Trailer

Freshman Design and Build Project


This design and build project was completed by a group of 5 students including myself, for our intro to engineering class, ENGR1110 - Introduction to Motorsports Engineering. The Baja SAE team need a trailer for their buggy, to cart commonly used items. The previous trailer design (pictured in yellow) had significant trouble navigating off-road terrain, and the hitch point frequently disconnected. The design also was much too small to carry all required items.

The design requirements also included that the cart should be able to stand level without being attached to the buggy, should be able to carry 2 spare tires, should have a handle with adjustable angle to move the cart by hand, should be able to navigate off-road without issue (tested with street curb), and should cost under $500 fully assembled.

I was in charge of designing and assembling the frame, which required that I learn TIG welding sufficiently enough to create a solid frame within a few months time.


The trailer strongly resembles commercially available utility trailers.