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I make things work.

Four simple words that adequately describe me. If it is broken, I fix it. If it works, I make it work better. An affinity for efficiency and an obsession for perfection results in a life filled with not accepting the minimum for anything. I am consistently looking for ways to improve upon everything that I own or do. If I can imagine a way to make it work better, faster, easier, I make it work. I do not accept inability as an excuse.

My Profile

  • Name: Ryan Brown
  • Undergraduate Major: Mechanical Engineering
  • Undergraduate Minor: Business
  • Industry Specialities:
    • Oil/Gas
    • Piping
    • Construction Analytics
    • Turnover/Completion

  • Email:

Who am I?

I am a highly motivated Mechanical Engineering alumnus of Auburn University currently working in the Energy Infrastructure industry.

I use various data sources and structures to capture changes, enhance logistics, aid in progress analytics, and identify problems through trending prior to materialization.

While my immediate industrial experience is in piping/boilers/pressure vessels, it can be extrapolated across the entire construction/fabrication industry. I bring a logistical approach to construction/fabrication/completions/turnover management. I believe I could be an extremely valuable resource to anyone willing to try innovative approaches in their construction management strategy.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me with any professional opportunities you believe I could play a productive role in.



Engineer with a diverse work history, that affords me many different skill sets.

2020 /Mar - Present

Complan USA - Limetree Bay Restart Project
St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Project Manager - General Project/Covid-19 Testing Program
  • Develop/Implement Covid-19 testing program for continuous testing of 3200+ contractor personnel from over 100 different contractor companies on a rolling 14 day basis. Summarize incoming data for USVI Department of Health and Executive Management. 32,000+ tests as of 3/2021.
  • Analyze contractor equipment invoices and contract terms to identify areas of inefficiency. Conduct negotiations to reduce costs without affecting productivity. Successfully recuperated 7 figures of payment credits and savings
  • Conduct daily morning meeting/briefing with executive management, directors, and project stakeholders. Maintain concise meeting agenda tracking KPIs and current action items
2019 /Jul - 2020 /Mar

Complan USA - Limetree Bay Restart Project
St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Project Manager - Pipe Cleaning

Direct management of two industrial cleaning contractor companies providing cleaning services of 50+ Process and Utility units idled 7+ years to restore 210kbpd of refining capacity (formerly Hovensa)

Overall reinstatement scope consisted of 27 process units that were idled for 7+ years, including 2 Crude units, 4 Amine Regeneration units, 3 600# Steam Boilers, 3 LPG Treaters, 3 Sour Water Strippers, 3 Distillate Desulfurizers, 2 Platforming/Hydrobon units, 1 Vacuum unit, 1 Coker. Estimated total piping 2-3M LF including ~500,000 LF of OSBL piping. Over 550 tons of rust scale/waste removed from piping within 8 months.

Primary cleaning methods included:

  • Hydrolazing/Hydroblasting
  • Targeted/Untargeted Continuous Steam Blows
  • Hydropigging/Froth Flushing
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Traditional Pigging/Pig Trains
  • Hydrocarbon Line Steam Outs
  • Pop/Continuous Airblows/Drying
  • Boiler Degreasing

Scope Development and strategic placement of resources to facilitate tight startup schedule/precommissioning activities, while also making bulk cleaning process for upcoming startup units.

2018 /Dec - 2019 /Jul

McDermott - TOTAL ECP Project
Port Arthur, TX

Field Engineer/Technology Manager

A unique roll was created for me on this project to allow me the freedom to exercise my skill sets and modernize various aspects of our construction management process through technology.

  • $1.3B brownfield EPC contract for 1 million-tonne/year ethane cracker, utilizing six of Lummus Technology's Short Residence Time SRT-III pyrolysis heaters.
  • Reorganize 3D plant model information structure to be used efficiently from a construction/planning standpoint. Incorporation of engineering/fabrication/procurement/construction/testing statuses and planning information into the model.
  • Aggregate/sanitize various data reports to be used in construction/testing/completion planning.
  • Utilize Navisworks Timeliner with existing scheduling tools (SitePro and Primavera V6) to create visual aids for construction through 4D scheduling.
  • Assist lift-planners with implementation of 3D cranes with lift-radii representations implemented into the 4D scheduling effort with Navisworks Timeliner.
  • Assist in implementation of Electronic Time Sheets (ETS) system that allows for real-time progressing and PF analytics vs existing workpackage takeoffs.
  • Create test pack tracker database to assist construction planning with respect to hydro-testing/system turnover efforts.
  • Fly DJI Inspire II drone for weekly progress pictures
2018 /Mar - 2018 /Dec

CB&I/McDermott - LACC MEG-1 Project
Westlake, LA

Piping/Mechanical Engineer

Fifth CTP Program Rotation/Permanent Position

  • Piping Field Engineer at LACC Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) construction project
  • Assist field construction with installation to mechanical completion
  • Work with Samsung Engineering through Requests for Information (RFIs) on any construction/design conflicts
  • Responsible for construction turnover of Low Pressure Condensate, High Pressure Nitrogen, Reabsorber, MEG Product Tank, and DEG column, and Drying Column systems. Ensure entire system is built to P&ID and to mechanical completion.
  • Fly DJI Inspire II drone for weekly progress pictures
  • General engineering consultation to field construction crews
  • Anticipate technical issues and use analytical skills to mitigate problems before they materialize or become widespread.
2017 /Sep - 2018 /Mar

CB&I - Lummus Technology Group
Bloomfield, NJ

Mechanical Engineer

Forth CTP Program Rotation

  • Staff Engineer for Mechanical Engineering Department (MED) division of the Petrochemicals Group
  • Created Microsoft Excel Macro code to iterate calculations within Beam-Express calculator to simulate various beam span scenarios to optimize design configuration of CDAlky reactor bed. Output data into easily comparable multi-curve graph.
  • Used AutoDesk Inventor solid modeling software to create 3D model of CDAlky Reactor Bed
  • Created various drawings in Autodesk AutoCAD.
  • Completion of ASME B&PV Code Section VIII Div 1 Design & Fabrication of Pressure Vessels class (ASME EL501)
2017 /May - 2017 /Sep

CB&I - Island Park Fabrication Facility
Beaumont, TX

Project Manager

Third CTP Program Rotation

  • Shop level project manager for IPF's scope of a major LNG project
  • Coordinated workflow of over 1M welded Factored Diameter Inches (FDIs) across over 10,000 spools ranging in size from .5" to 72"+
  • Worked with construction managers to consistently meet construction needs and priorities in terms of complete weld out, as well as particular spools needed
2017 /Feb - 2017 /May

CB&I - Island Park Fabrication Facility
Beaumont, TX

Project Controls/Process Improvement Engineer

Second CTP Program Rotation

  • Coordinated the Bidding Process on subcontracts of various administration and project related services, and used Cost Benefit Analyses to identify the best value bidder
  • Completed Cap-Ex evaluations for various process improving assets, using local weather data and daily production numbers to justify the capital expenditure for a multimillion dollar covered shipping facility on site to increase productivity during periods where production would otherwise be lost due to climate conditions.
  • Conducted various time studies on receiving/allocation departments, and proposed/implemented various solutions to common lost time problems
  • Created Materials Training Presentation and Examination to be used to assist new and current employees/material handlers on the fundamentals of piping
2016 /June - 2017 /Jan

CB&I - Calpine York II Energy Center (Combined Cycle Power Plant)
Delta, PA

Piping Field Engineer

First CTP Program Rotation

  • Revised/Automated the Work Package Creation Process to eliminate redundancies, improve accuracy and organization, and decrease package creation time from approximately two hours to fifteen minutes
  • Created numerous visual construction aids from model information that assisted the successful installation of pipe racks and piping.
  • Coordinated the effort to hardness test over 2400 sample spots on high energy piping in advance after header returned multiple bad values
  • Merged various data sources such as supplier databases, model data, and drawing information to gain valuable insight on availability status of spools and supports, which greatly assisted in the scheduling of construction activities and the logistics of prioritizing construction areas
2013 / Fall Semester
2014 / Summer Semester
2015 / Spring Semester

L-3 Communications Display Systems
Alpharetta, GA

Mechanical Engineering Co-Op

First CTP Program Rotation

  • Assisted ME Department incorporating engineering change notices (ECNs) and creating drawings for engineering release notices (ERNs) as per ASME Y14.5
  • Designed test fixtures and tooling to be used in manufacturing processes
  • Maintained CAD models of parts and assemblies. Assisted with a switch from Pro/E to SolidWorks, transitioning toolbox and library parts
  • Performed vibration and humidity/altitude testing and assisted with electromagnetic interference testing
2008 / June - Aug

Phoenix, Inc.
Cumming, GA

Laborer, Manager
  • Moved and assembled school furniture into newly built schools
  • Managed and coordinated the efforts of groups of subcontracted help
2006 - 2011 / May - Aug

Deployment Solutions Inc.
Norcross, GA

Call Center Associate/Warehouse Manager
  • Call center support for field technicians
  • Programmed new, site specific VPN configuration files into Cisco routers
  • Warehouse and shipment manager (forklift experience)



Educational background from high school through university.

2012 / Aug - 2015 / Dec

Auburn University

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Overall GPA: 3.52, Major GPA: 3.39)
Minor in Business (Minor GPA: 4.00)
Graduation 12/12/2015
Senior Design Project
  • Develop method to flush hydronic heating HVAC system without counteracting AC system
  • Conceptualize and develop an improved design over a hydronic heating system using entirely passive heat pipe coil submerged in gas water heater
Honors, Awards & Extracurricular
  • Cum Laude
  • Tau Sigma Honor Society
  • Member of Auburn University Student Space Program (AUSSP) 2014
  • Rush Chair of Phi Sigma Kappa 2013
Relavant Courses
  • Mechanical Engineering
    • MECH2110 - Statics and Dynamics: B
    • ENGR2010 - Thermodynamics I: C
    • MECH2120 - Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery: C
    • MECH2220 - Computer-Aided Engineering: A
    • MECH3020 - Thermodynamics II: B
    • MECH3200 - Concepts in Design Manufacturing: B
    • MECH3210 - Design and Manufacturing Lab: B
    • MECH3030 - Fluid Mechanics: B
    • MECH3130 - Mechanics of Materials: B
    • ELEC3810 - Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering: B
    • MECH3040 - Heat Transfer: A
    • INSY3600 - Engineering Economics: A
    • MECH3230 - Machine Design: A
    • MECH3050 - Measurements and Instrumentation: A
    • MECH3140 - System Dynamics and Controls: A
    • MECH4240 - Comprehensive Design I: A
    • MECH5830 - Engines: A
    • MECH5970 - Advanced Manufacturing Concepts: A
    • MECH4250 - Comprehensive Design II: B
    • MECH5710 - Kinematics and Dynamics of Robots: B
  • Minor in Business
    • ECON2020 - Principals of Microeconomics: A
    • ACCT2810 - Fundamentals of Accounting: A
    • FINC3610 - Principals of Business Finance: A
    • MKTG3310 - Principals of Marketing: A
    • MNGT3810 - Management Foundations: A
2011 / Aug - 2012 / May

University of Georgia

Bachelor of Science in Engineering (GPA: 3.10)

I enrolled in core classes to prepare for transfer to Auburn University for Mechanical Engineering. I received the full ride HOPE scholarship along with the additional Charter Scholarship, which allowed for me to transfer into Auburn University with 45 credit hours debt-free.

Honors, Awards & Extracurricular
  • Charter Scholarship
  • HOPE Scholarship
  • Member of UGA Club Wake Boarding
  • Captain of Intramural Flag Football Team
2008 / Aug - 2011 / May

Lambert High School / South Forsyth High School

I successfully tested for 16 AP hours to be applied at the University of Georgia.

Honors, Awards & Extracurricular
  • 1st place Regionally and State in Computer Hardware Modification GaETF (CarPC) 2011 and 2010
  • 1st place Regionally and State in Computer Programming Challenge GaETF 2011 and 2010
  • Captain of Rocketry Team (Team B) - 2nd place in National Competition TARC 2011
  • Lead Engineer for BEST Robotics project 2009 & 2010 (South Forsyth High School)
  • Lead Engineer for MATE Robotics project 2010 (South Forsyth High School)

Download a Copy of My Unofficial Transcript

My Skills


I enjoy designing powerful systems with simple, beautiful, and easy to use interfaces. If a project promises potential, I am not afraid to do the "dirty work" in order to make something easier or more efficient to use. My automated Linux home server, CarPC, and other smaller projects are perfect examples of this.

While the conceptualization and implementation of these projects often requires me to venture into topics I am not proficient in, I am not afraid to attack the project head on and find a viable solution that makes for a simple and powerful end user product. While I am not a Linux system administrator, or a computer hardware designer, through experience I have become well enough versed in the topics that I am more than willing to jump behind a command line interface or heat up a soldering iron.

Through my professional and personal projects I have acquired a number of skills in diverse areas that I believe can be applied in many different fields. Scroll over each icon for a list of programs/platforms/tools I have used productively in the past.

  • Operating Systems

    1. OS X
    2. MS-DOS through Windows 10
    3. Linux (Fedora Core 21/22) (Ubuntu Server 14.01 LTS)
  • Programming Languages

    1. Visual Basic
    2. Python
    3. MATLAB
    4. HTML
    5. Arduino
    6. PHP
  • Programs

    1. Navisworks Simulate (with iConstruct Plugin)
    2. Bently Navigator
    3. Autodesk Inventor
    4. Bently Microstation V8i
    5. SolidWorks
    6. PRO/Engineer
    7. OpenVPN
    8. MATLAB/Simulink
    9. ANSYS
    10. CS6 Photoshop
    11. Microsoft Office Suite (Advanced Microsoft Excel Skills)
  • Machine Tools

    1. TIG Welder (not a certified welder)
    2. Soldering Iron
    3. CNC Router
    4. 3D Printer
    5. Mill
    6. Lathe
    7. Drill Press
    8. All Basic Tools
  • Hardware Platforms

    1. ATX Computer Hardware
    2. Arduino
    3. Raspberry Pi

Personal Portfolio


Below are some of my personal work samples that demonstrate my engineering, programming, and problem solving skills. I would love to discuss any of them further with you.

Out of respect for my previous employers, I do not have any demonstration materials of my professional work samples to list publically. If you would like to discuss professional work, please contact me directly.


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